Jake joined Rock in the origination team in June 2022. Jake has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and over 8 years’ experience in the commercial vehicle sector, primarily focused on vehicle electrification systems. Jake brings experienced knowledge of Li-ion battery systems and vehicle electrification and will primarily support the Rock Road business, covering all aspects of engineering work.

Jake previously worked at Cummins New Power Business Unit in both the US and UK, where he led the global marketing and sales function for battery development for both high and low voltage Li-ion batteries, and held roles in product management, business development and new product development for vehicle and battery development.

David joined Rock Rail as a Partner in the origination team in September 2020.

He works within the origination team at Rock and is responsible for working with debt and equity investors to raise finance for new projects.  David’s particular focus is on rolling stock and zero emission bus projects in the UK.

David joined Rock following a 20-year career as a financial adviser and lender in the UK, European and North American infrastructure space.  In particular, he advised the Rock team on their first five greenfield deals and was instrumental in developing new ways to finance rolling stock in the UK.  Prior to joining Rock, David led the award winning financial advisory team at Operis.  Over the course of his career he has also worked for Royal Bank of Canada, Deloitte and PwC.

Akhtar joined Rock Rail in March 2020.  Previously, Akhtar worked for Sound Energy PLC, where he was responsible for the economic model for potential projects in Morocco. Rail experience has been gained at Rock Rail.

Akhtar is a qualified accountant and is responsible for all aspects of existing operating models for UK and Europe rail and bus, both at fleet delivery and asset management stages, new operating model builds, as well as the group business plan. Akhtar has successfully completed the operating model build of Rock Rail West Coast, Rock Road London and Rock Rail Main-Weser.